Hula Dancers by Aloha Productions Luau

Orlando, Fl

Complete your special event with authentic hula dancers featuring popular local artists. Our Hawaiian dancers are among the best in the business! 

For pricing and packages, please call or text us and we will do our best to make your dream party a reality!

For reliable, high energy entertainment at your next private party, wedding celebration, meeting, convention or incentive event.


  • Custom Branded Coconuts
  • Hawaiian Band
  • Models
  • Lei Greeter
  • Full Roasted Pig
  • Hawaiian Shaved ice
  • Dancers/Entertainment
  • DJ Services
  • Limbo Dance
  • Aloha Hop
  • Tropical face Painter (Minimum 2 hrs)
  • Hula Hoop contest
  • Lei Greeter Only
  • Lei Greeter
  • Ukulele Stroller or Emcee
  • Island Minister
  • Atmosphere music on CD
  • Props Etc……
  • Real Pony Rides
  • Island Catering
  • Goodie Bags
  • Grand opening blessing
  • Torch Lighting


  • Plastic (100)
  • Silk (Assorted Colors)
  • Bulk 50
  • Bulk 100
  • Shell Leis
  • Kakui Nut Lei
  • Fresh Flower Orchid Lei
  • Fresh Orchid leis more thank 20
  • Carnation Lei
  • Ti Leave Lei
  • Maile Lei
  • Maile Lei with white orchid
  • Lei making Station / includes supplies

Elevate Your Event With Our Authentic Hula Dancers…

Authentic hula dancers possess the unique ability to infuse any event with an enchanting, culturally-rich atmosphere that captivates audiences and elevates the overall experience. Hula, a traditional Hawaiian dance form, is not just a series of movements but a profound art that tells stories, connects to nature, and preserves the spirit of the Hawaiian islands. Here’s how these skilled performers can truly enhance your event:

Cultural Enrichment: Authentic hula dancers bring the genuine essence of Hawaiian culture to your event. Their costumes, choreography, and music transport attendees to the islands, fostering an appreciation for the traditions and history of Hawaii.

Visual Spectacle: Hula dancers are not only graceful in their movements but also visually captivating. The swaying hips, flowing costumes, and graceful gestures create a mesmerizing spectacle that adds a unique visual dimension to any gathering.

Emotional Connection: Hula is a storytelling dance. The dancers’ expressions and gestures convey emotions, legends, and tales of Hawaii, forging a deep emotional connection with the audience.

Versatility: Whether it’s a luau, wedding, corporate event, or cultural festival, hula dancers adapt their performances to suit the occasion, making them a versatile and flexible addition to your event.

Audience Engagement: Authentic hula dancers often encourage audience participation, teaching basic hula steps and inviting spectators to join in, turning your event into an interactive experience.

Incorporating authentic hula dancers into your event is like inviting a piece of paradise to your gathering. Their authenticity and artistry can transport your attendees to the Hawaiian islands, leaving them with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for a vibrant and culturally rich tradition.

Contact Us Today to Book Our Authentic Hula Dancers for Your Next Event!

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