Meet the Cast

Family owned and operated since 2001 licensed and insured

In a sea of performances, it’s rare to find an act that truly stands out – but that’s exactly what we offer. Our ensemble breaks the mold, bringing authenticity and unparalleled talent to the stage. Here’s what sets us apart:

Authentic Acoustic Mastery

Our musicians are a rare breed, capable of captivating audiences without the crutch of backing tracks. Experience pure, unadulterated music in its most genuine form.

Striking Visuals

Our all-male dance troupe defies the norm with their impressive physiques, ensuring a visually stunning performance. They’re not just dancers; they’re a testament to the power and beauty of disciplined artistry.

Customizable Aesthetics

Your event, your palette. Our diverse range of costumes is designed to complement any color scheme, making your occasion not just an event but a spectacle.

Endless Variety

With a repertoire vast enough to ensure no two shows are the same, we guarantee a unique experience every time. Your guests will be left wondering what’s coming next, hanging on every note and move.

Entertainment at Its Core

While we aim to impress, our main goal is to entertain. We strike the perfect balance between awe-inspiring performances and engaging shows that keep your guests entertained rather than overwhelmed.

Prepare to be dazzled, and choose an entertainment option that truly stands out from the crowd. Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and entertainment ensures an unforgettable experience that will leave your guests talking long after the curtains close. Let’s make your next event not just memorable, but truly extraordinary.

Lahela and Scott McElroy


Kionasina McElroy

Owners Daughter


Alema Vaiaoga

Dancer & Fire Knife Dancer

Stacy Chavez


Trinity Iwankiw

Dancer & Mcee

Jordan Liliii

Fire Knife Dancer and Drummer

Lyndsey Kamau


Alexis Galon


MATUNI Vaiaoga

Title Holder Champion

Ingrid Soto


Jeff Lavulo


Rex Tiumalu

Mcee / drummer / Singer

Fire knife champion title holder

3x jr world

4 x intermediate international champion

Two times international champion

Three times semi finalist

Anuhea Teaurangangi


Katina Vaiaoga


Vj Tiumalu

Dancer/ Drummer

Fireknife Champion

2 x Junior champion

Three times world champion

Three times Jr international champion

Kanani Palacios


Brandon Higa

Fire Dancer

Kanau Higa


Ariyell Apo



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